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Availability: Peonies are available from the northern hemisphere ( North America)  May thru early July and the southern hemisphere ( Chile, New Zealand, South Africa) October to December.   During late winter /early spring (Feburary – April)  israel’s flower growers  will ship to Vancouver . Sadly as you can see from the below chart, there is not a reliable supply for prime wedding season, July – September 🙁

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Characteristics: With their bright, colorful blooms and soft fragrance peonies are a year round favorite.  It has a large, full head, jam-packed with ruffled petals that open up into (most often) a white or pink-hued cotton ball of a bloom. They can be found in many colors ranging from yellows to pinks, reds and corals, but not blue.  Peonies are considered a specialty cut, meaning they are subject to seasonal availability and large fluctuations in quantities available to consumers.

Love  of peonies for your wedding  does come with a cost. Specifically, a higher price tag than other complementary wedding blooms like roses. It is mostly due to the fact that they are not flowers that bloom year-round. The height of their most productive season is short and sweet. This is the time when you’ll find them for under $10 a stem. By winter they’re so hard to come by that, if you can find a florist to use them, the price can double.

The upside of a splurge on peonies is that you may not need many to fill out your bouquets and centerpieces. As a lavish bloom with a high petal count, you only need one or two to make an impression. They also mix beautifully with cheaper flowers like roses and lilies.

071713-flower-guides-peonies-glossaryJessica&Mojo-Wedding021Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 5.30.07 PMJessica&Mojo-Wedding011Krysta&Eric-Wedding009View More: http://eringilmore.pass.us/melissa-and-dave-wedding

View More: http://eringilmore.pass.us/melissa-and-dave-weddingView More: http://eringilmore.pass.us/melissa-and-dave-weddingView More: http://eringilmore.pass.us/melissa-and-dave-weddingView More: http://eringilmore.pass.us/melissa-and-dave-wedding

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