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Ive seen countless mismatched bridesmaid dresses this year. The look is great for many reasons: It’s more visually interesting than having a bridal party wearing dresses that are the same style, color and length, and it allows each girl to choose what looks best on her (translation: she’ll likely wear it again).

Seeing as there are dozens of ways to mismatch your maids’ dresses, I thought I’d list out a few more ideas to get the wheels turning:

Same dress in different colours
Same dress in different lengths
Same color, different dress
Same color, different textures and/or patterns
Same dress, different accessories, floral bouquets or beauty looks
Same color, length, fabric, different dress
Same designer, different dress

My personal favourite is an Ombre bridal party, either with their dresses or their bouquets.

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For the vintage wedding, i love the mix/match of dress styles in a consistent colour palette.

View More: http://mattkennedy.pass.us/scottandjenWaterbeek_Kozlowski_WillPursellPhotography_LRWedding136_0_low20130728_2970

One of our September brides went for a soft and summery Pastel Pallet, and it looked AMAZING!!

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Few quick tips

– Choose a color palette & Keep it simple.
– Stick with one type of fabric and one dress length.
– To keep the overall look exciting, incorporate a variety of silhouettes and necklines
– Allow your wedding party choose a dress that matches their personal style and compliments their own body.
– Don’t limit yourself to just one colour!!!
– Think about the accessories, including the Bridesmaids bouquet
If you are still hesitant to achieve the mismatch look, play it safe and vary the bouquets, shoes, jewelry, or hair.

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