Kirsten & Sheldon | Richmond | UBC Boathouse

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Kirsten and Sheldon knew that by picking a wedding date in February, they were probably going to have to contend with some not so wedding like weather , but once again Mother Nature proofed she can deliver the best wedding gift of all … SUN!!

Their Day started off with a First look session at River Rock Casino, photographed by the ever talented Audra’s Photography 

Dear Team at Bridal Beginnings –

Bridal Beginnings was fantastic! The bouquets turned out exactly how I wanted and imagined them to be, and they all looked amazing. Larissa made the suggestion to have an extra boutonierre for the groom and it turned out to be such a great idea, because after the receiving line, we had no idea where my husband’s boutonierre was!! Luckily, thanks to Larissa’s suggestion, we had an extra one for the pictures 🙂

Thank You



To see their day in it’s entirety, take a peak at Audra’s Blog post …. Thank you again for sharing these amazing images with us.