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If you look at the definition of the word Vintage, some of the words it lists are; era, classic, traditional, pure and antique. All of these words evoke a romantic image and one that continues to be popular with couples who are planning their vintage theme wedding. A day filled with tradition, but with the couple’s own unique slant can be a truly magical event and it’s not hard to see why.


6. being of a specified vintage: vintage wine.
7. representing the high quality of a past time; classic: vintage movies.
8. of, imitating, or being a style or fashion of the past; retro: vintage clothing.
9. being the best of its kind; choice: vintage Shakespeare.
10. old-fashioned or obsolete.

When you’re looking for vintage wedding ideas it might help to define what type of vintage you’re after. The term vintage can be referred to when describing the year or place in which wine was produced, the era a car was made, or styles and trends from previous decades. Of course, the last definition is probably the most applicable when we seek vintage wedding ideas.

Essentially, when it comes down to it, vintage is a throwback to a classic era that has an identifiable style. It’s a way to fashionably re-use and recycle items in your parent’s or grandparent’s attic. It’s encouraged to infuse sentimentality in every detail at a vintage wedding. This theme certainly takes care of that “something old” from the popular rhyme thought to be from the Victorian period.



Cecil Green Park House is located at UBC and offers a 18th century heritage venue for your wedding


The Brock House is a beach-side heritage venue with views of the water and mountains, and a large outdoor space for your wedding ceremony or reception.


Hycroft Manor is a turn of the century Edwardian house situated in Vancouver’s Shaughnessy neighbourhood, and it is one of the most sought after wedding and events venues in all of the Lower Mainland.


The Vancouver Club is located on West Hastings Street in downtown Vancouver,


No venue list could be complete without the venerable Hotel Vancouver. When you think iconic venues in Vancouver, the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver has to come to mind. This venue offers rooms that can accommodate small to very large weddings


a vintage event based on an era, such as the 1920?s-the 1950?s, would include things like fine china, lace, pearls, script font or calligraphy, cascading bouquets, bird cages, tea length gowns, over-sized quaffed hair styles, red lipstick, roses, candelabras, chandeliers, classic cars and ballrooms.” – See more at: