What events do you do?
Bridal Beginnings does the flowers and design for weddings and other special events, large and small. We also do tasteful bereavement designs.

What elements of design do you use?
We like to incorporate elements like table accessories, specialty linens, fabric treatments, lighting, candles and vintage/rustic props. We want to give your event a personal style, make it you! We work hard to understand your vision and have the event be truly memorable for you and your guests.

How much do your services cost?
We offer one-of-a-kind events so pricing varies depending on the flower and design choices you make.

So how do we start?
Call or email us 6-9 months before your wedding day so we can set up a consultation. If your wedding day is sooner, don’t worry, we can still meet to chat about your ideas. The consultation will take around an hour.

What should I bring to the consultation?
Come armed with your wedding ideas! Bring pictures that inspire you. You can find pictures in magazines, books and on the Internet. If you have them, bring fabric swatches or pictures of the Bride and Bridesmaid dresses. Pinterest is an amazing resource for brides-to-be. We suggest you make a ‘wedding’ board and send us the link.

Who should I bring to the consultation?
Come with your fiancé, friend or family member.  You want someone there who will be helpful and supportive.

What happens during the consultation?
This is when we get to learn about you and your ideas. Whether you have an exact plan or are feeling a little lost, we’ll help guide you. Often we will bring out our various portfolios to see if anything grabs your attention. Once we have a clear vision of what you want for the day, we get to start picking flowers and designs.

When do I get a quote?
Once we have gone through everything you are looking for, we will step aside for a few minutes while we put your quote together. Then if needed, we can make any alterations right then. I’ll hold your wedding day open for 2 weeks, that way you have plenty of time to think it over.

Can you work with a specific budget?
Yes! Let us know what your budget is and we’ll make choices accordingly. If you can’t afford a specific option we will help find something that gives you the same feel but for a more affordable price.

What next?
After paying your deposit we will email you a copy of the receipt and a detailed outline of all the flower and design choices you made. Check it over carefully because how it’s written is exactly what you’ll get.

I’ve changed my mind! Can you help?
Of course, that’s what we’re here for. We can make adjustments as your wedding plans progress. Also, we’ll get in contact one month before your wedding to see if there are any final adjustments to your order. Then we’ll confirm the delivery timeline as well.

When do I pay?
The balance for our services is due 2 weeks prior to your wedding date.

Can I see my flowers beforehand?
You most definitely can. We will email/text you pictures as everything’s being put together. We will also invite you to our design studio a few days before the wedding so you can see your bouquet in person. You can pick it up, hold it, feel it and make sure it’s perfect for you!

Any other advice?
Get excited! When you choose Bridal Beginnings you can relax and know that your dream will become reality. We like to take the stress away so you can enjoy the process.

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