Exciting Changes for 2104 | Moving to a paperless office | New Client Site

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Well after much research, deliberation, heel dragging and frustration, Bridal Beginnings is making BIG BIG changes in how we create  quotes, delivery of quotes and contract, exchange of contract signature and payment schedule. While we live in an increasingly  digital world, printed materials are still important to any business. We’re a “less-paper” society, not a “paperless” one . We are all trying  to Reducing our paper use so we can be more environmentally-friendly, It’s time for Bridal Beginnings  the change to a “less-paper” system

We have decided to take much advantage of  The WeddingWire  personalized, Clients site , which are  password-protected , allows us to send quotes, contracts,  invoices, e-sign documents, record payments and manage client full payments schedule securely – all from your own WeddingWire client account!

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Some of the wonderful features will included

  •  Customizable Digital Contracts which can Personalize  for Each Client
  • eSign –  Digital Signatures

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 10.28.50 PMNo more faxes or waiting for the mail to arrive! Now clients can easily access and electronically sign your contract directly through your own personal password-protected Client Site, whether on a desktop or mobile device. Both of use will receive confirmation when all parties have signed the contract.

  • ePayments Solutions – we both can keep track of when payments are due and paid, all recorded in one place

Bare with us over the next few weeks as we stumble thru theses changes, I think they will be great for everyone. All documents can be downloaded and printed at anytime. I look forward to having your feedback on the process, and any changes that you feel would be helpful

Larissa Meade
Principle Designer for Bridal Beginnings