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Who : Jennifer & Scott

Where : Redwoods Golf Course

When : September 14, 2013


• How long were you dating your groom to be before he proposed?
 Just under two years. We were inseparable from only a couple of weeks of dating and were living together within 6 months time.
• What was your single most favorite moment from when he proposed?
 It was just us, no one else was around. It was completely our moment.
• How long was your engagement before you said “We do”?
 18 months.
 jenn& Scott6
• Tell us a little bit about the wedding you’re planning: style, theme, feel, colors?
classic elegance, soft deep colors with bling.
• Has your vision for your wedding changed or evolved over the course of your engagement? If so, how?
 it stayed the same since my original vision of it.
• Did you DIYing any of your details?
 we did sparkler numbers at our engagement photo shoot and used them for our table numbers at the wedding- I’ve heard we are the first to think of this! every single piece of bling on the 30 frames used at the wedding were glued one by one by myself, my maid of honor and my husband,
• What part of the wedding were you most looking forward to? Did it live up to the dream?
 Seeing my groom at our first look. We both burst into happy tears.
jenn& Scott7
• As advice to future bride-to-be what was the one thing (DIY, detail, item) that you felt was an energy stealer and you wished you had never spend time/money on
 not DIYing the frames I visioned from the beginning. I spend hundreds of hours searching online, all the way to warehouses that shipped from China to try to find the perfect ones (that actually fit in my price range). It never happened and I should have made them myself from the start.
• On the flip side, what is the ONE MUST HAVE item/detail/service that you would recommend to a bride-to-be that would meet?
flip-flop basket for the dancers! It was such a huge hit with the ladies!
• What was your most favorite moment with your husband at your wedding?
 Walking down the aisle after we were announced Mr and Mrs, he turned and looked at me and said “baby, you’re my wife!” and gave me the biggest smile I’ve seen on him.
jenn& Scott2
• How have you involved your “community” (friends, family, etc.) in the wedding planning process?
 My mother I involved in the flowers and coordinated the mothers to be the ones to light the candles for the candle ceremony for us. My bridal guide helped with planning and DIYing.
• What part of wedding planning, if any, has made you the most anxious?
worrying about being the center of attention
the mother’s getting their dresses organized and on time.
• How did you pick your ceremony and reception venues? What do you love most about each space?
Both were at the same location and we wanted to do “the first look” so it worked perfectly for us. The reception was beautiful and the food was a complete hit.
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• Tell us about planning with your fiancé. Has it gone smoothly? Is he more involved, or hands-off?
he was quite hands on and VERY budget conscious.
• What do you wish you would have known at the beginning of your engagement?
How much others would force their wants and ideas on us.
• Any advice you’d like to pass along to fellow brides?
make the day about your fiancée and yourself no one else! 
if it comes down to two choices and one is ex: $50 more than the other but you love it so much more, just do it! You don’t want to look back at your wedding day and wish you’d spent $50 more on something so small that would have made everything perfect.
• If you had to pick three top priorities for your budget, what would they be and why? Are your fiancé’s priorities different?
make up/ hair
photographer“At the end of the day your pictures are your visible memories for yourself and others, don’t skimp on these items.”

And now the “where are they now” questions – • What are you most looking forward / Enjoying about marriage?

We own a house together and are doing some fixes and renovations now. Possibly in the next year we will start trying to have our first child.

Many thanks to  Matt Kennedy  for the outstanding images. Thank you Jennifer for taking the time to share you experience in wedding planning with us

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